5 Things That Caught My Eye: Outside

Attendees check out the Paladin Arm from InnoSpeed.

Beyond the fresh air and elbow room that you’ll experience outside, there are other unique finds to be discovered only in the space known as the Outdoor/Mobile Media Area. In this quiet area between the South Hall and Central Hall, convention-goers will find an outdoor gem worth a visit all by itself.

1 Here Comes the Sun

One key advantage of being outside in the Las Vegas sun is that it gives you a chance to see how field products really work when you’re in the field. SmallHD (OE5098) has set up a sizable booth in the far end of the outdoor area with a serieSusan Ashworth TV Technologys of on-camera HD displays showing just that. The company’s 703 Ultra- Bright 1920 x 1080 LCD offers 2,200 nits of brightness, which means the monitor can be viewed in bright, harsh sunlight — even without a sunshade.

2 The Longest Shot

Ever wonder how filmmakers pull off a difficult shot? The Paladin Arm from InnoSpeed (near the Stabilized Systems booth at OE13079) offers one answer. The system consists of camera gimbal, electric crane and remote controllers to give filmmakers a way to handle long-distance active shooting from atop a moving automobile.

3 Check It, Please

Got a lot to pack? Imagine trying to haul a dish antenna through security. AvL Technologies (OE115) has thought of that with its AvL range of mobile VSAT antennas. This series of compact, quick-deployable, self-contained antenna systems can be configured to fit into two checkable suitcases. The antenna can be used to facilitate near-instantaneous broadband satellite communications connectivity in most field environments.

4 Thinking Thin

We’re nowhere near the beach, but that doesn’t stop passersby from stopping at the sight of the Thin- Kom Solutions’ (OE11008) slim ThinPack and ThinSat and thinking: surfboard? On closer inspection, it’s clear that these portable, low-profile antennas are high-throughput satellite systems for mobile applications. They can handle SD/HD video and data connectivity and can be used alternatively for enterprise, digital satellite newsgathering or government operations.

5 Production on the Road

The mobile lot also offers attendees a chance to walk through a working production vehicle. Two custom-built remote television production trucks from Gerling & Associates (OE2000) are parked outside, including a 53-foot, dual-expanding-side broadcast trailer that includes monitor wall, intercom control, switcher, routing and editing equipment inside.