5 Things That Caught My Eye: South Upper

NTT Group’s drone is a flying art screen.

The South Upper Hall is the place to go for the latest technology for video streaming, cloud services and online workflows. There are a few familiar manufacturers in that hall who go back decades in the television industry, but there are also many new companies and start-ups working hard to capture your business. And there are some treats for the eyes… and the feet.

1 You Gotta Eat, Right?

Harmonic (SU810), a manufacturer of encoders and processors and provider of cloud services, has the best free food in the hall. It changes through the day, with breakfast items in the morning, snacks in the afternoon and happy hour treats as the clock inches toward closing time.

2 Multiviewer Madness

TAG Video Systems (SU9510) has a huge and impressive monitor wall, jam-packed with dozens — maybe hundreds — of images. TAG makes multiviewers (obviously!) and IP monitoring systems.

3 You Can Say That Again

There are lots of good slogans at the NAB Show, but the one I liked best in the South Upper Hall was “Video in. Brilliance Out.” You can find it at Hiscale (SU13713), which makes video encoders and workflow solutions.

4 Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is a personal thing, but my selection for the prettiest booth in the South Upper Hall is Newtec (SU1516). I like its clean white lines and lighting accents — simple but appealing. Newtec makes products for satellite communications.

5 It’s About the Product, Right?

Again, it’s a subjective thing, but my vote for the most attractive product display is DekTec (SU6717). Simple and clean work for me, and DekTec’s processing cards laid out in a plain, white grid appealed to my inner engineer.