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A.G. Franz is showing the IDA Interference and Direction Analyzer from Narda Test Solutions. The handheld unit was developed for the identification and location of electromagnetic signal sources in the field, from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. An antenna handle with built-in compass and pre-amplifier as well as a set of three directional antennas is part of the initial configuration.

This portable, lightweight spectrum analyzer features a fast sweep time(12 GHz/sec) and a real-time bandwidth (up to 32 MHz) for intercepting short-term signals. The IDA analyzes who is transmitting (sensitivity of –167 dBm/Hz noise figure less than 7 dB). The unique smartDF direction finding mode manages triangulation results and automatically calculates and displays emitter positions on stored maps.

Narda Test Solutions developed a specialized antenna adapter that connects to the antenna handle, with a standard N-connector as input for any directional antenna.