Accusys Storage Ltd.

Booth SL13416

Accusys Storage Ltd. is exhibiting shareable Thunderbolt storage called A16T2-Share. It is a 16-bay
rackmount storage array with four Thunderbolt host ports, which allow four Thunderbolt
computers to share the content distributed across 16 hard drives with a total capacity of 128 TB.
This can be further expanded to up to 512 TB with the extra JBOD system.

Users can configure A16T2-Share as a SAN storage pool when integrated with SAN software, or
partition the storage array into several storage volumes and benefit from the high-performance
Thunderbolt ports as direct attached storage with immense capacity.

Accusys said it has applied its years of experience as a PCIe SAN designer and high-performance
transmission technology provider within the video post-production industry, and created the
all-in-one A16T2-Share. It said the advanced technology and innovative thinking will eliminate the
high cost of Thunderbolt networking over Fibre Channel SAN or 10 Gigabit Ethernet.