Adder’s Dongle-Sized KVM Transmitter Multiplies Savings

Adder’s new ALIFT100 dongle-sized transmitter eliminates the need for valuable rack space to be devoted to KVM functionality.

IP-based KVM specialist Adder Technology is demoing a new keyboard/video/mouse solution that eliminates the rack space required for a traditional KVM transmitter, cuts power and rack-room cooling requirements and costs about half as much as the conventional alternative.

The dongle-sized ALIF100T, part of the company’s ADDERLink Infinity product family, offers the same functionality as Adder’s rack-based KVM transmitter, but plugs into the back of a computer rather than being rack-mounted. To demonstrate the space savings, Adder is showing a conventional alternative. The 10-source PC setup requires 10 KVM transmitters — two mounted side by side in 1RU of space for a total of 5RU.

“KVM transmitters take up a lot of space, and server rooms aren’t getting any bigger,” said Tim Conway, Adder vice president, North America. “If you can save people that space, that’s a huge value add to them.”

The savings extend beyond rack space with the ALIF100T, however. The dongle-sized transmitter draws just 2 watts of power and generates far less heat than a traditional KVM transmitter. The ALIF100T, which began shipping 10 days ago, is also less expensive — $795, versus $1,325 for a traditional KVM transmitter from Adder.