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AEQ is showing its new CrossNET compact intercom matrix with AoIP multi-channel connectivity. This high-performance digital intercom matrix provides broadcast-quality audio in sizes up to 168 x 168 ports, many of them AoIP feeds using Dante technology. The system is compatible with the AES67 standard, which can be easily connected using existing Ethernet networks.

The new Series 8000 user panels are the ideal companion for the Cross-NET, but the system also has 12 analog ports, 8 digital ports, and 20 AoIP ports with KROMA standard low bit-rate. It also includes a local port for headset and a speaker. It can be used together with compatible DANTE systems from more than 200 different manufacturers (AEQ NetBox, among them).

Also new is a portable IP audio codec designed for ease of use in varied scenarios, although it has been specifically designed for sports commentary and reporting.