Booth SL3325 Demonstrations of live OTT workflows from acquisition to end user viewing devices show how accelerated ingest helps Akamai’s Media Services Live delivery solutions reduce latency. The new accelerated ingest capabilities minimize the amount of time live video streams take to reach the Akamai CDN from their origination point. This faster transport provides improved throughput and automatically optimizes entry points based on current Internet conditions. Accelerated ingest helps ensure high-quality viewing experiences with fast start-up times, limited buffering and consistent video performance.

Akamai’s new Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC), located in Cambridge, Mass., serves customers delivering critical live, linear and on-demand video content and is staffed 24×7. The BOCC is designed to help ensure the reliability of OTT services through a combination of highly- trained technical staff and a host of monitoring, analytics, reporting, quality and availability measurement tools that provide real-time support and operational insight.