Booth SU12207CM Amagi STORM ad insertion solution is now available on the Intel platform and supports multiple interfaces (IP, SDI and ASI), multiple feed formats (SD/HD), multiple insertion formats (video, full-screen graphics, scrolls and tickers), as well as multiple channels on the same device.

STORM also supports standard replacement triggers such as SCTE-35, Packet 31, DTMF cue tones and Amagi Watermark. The platform is compatible with cloud-based ad insertion and replacement content transported over satellite trickle bandwidth. TV networks using STORM have full control of frame-accurate ad insertions, and can manage and monitor the entire workflow through a web-based UI.

Amagi CLOUDPORT 3.0 offers a comprehensive new scheduling feature that helps to create frame-accurate presentation schedules from scratch, stitching together programming content, commercials, static and dynamic graphics, squeeze backs, event triggers and live event integrations. The scheduling feature makes CLOUDPORT 3.0 a solution for end-to-end creation of linear TV channels for broadcasters and OTT platform providers.