Booth N4035-Ampegon’s solid-state shortwave transmitters range from 1.5 kW to 25 kW AM carrier power. The Ampegon TSW-SSA product line is DRM-compatible and enables broadcasters to choose between classical AM analog and/or DRM digital operation. The entire modulator and RF section is air-cooled and built into one single transmitter cabinet.

At the heart of every TSW solid-state transmitter are redundant and equal, solid- state class E amplifier modules. The control system features embedded PC and FPGA technology.

Ampegon’s single unit folded monopole 50 kW antenna system is grounded with no need for a base insulator for the placement of the antenna. The single-band, folded dipole antenna system is available in the RF power range up to 50 kW. The cost-efficient design has tubular structures for suspension of the dipole.