Booth N4506 Apantac is launching three multiviewers with 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs. The Mi-16 models feature low latency, windows that can be resized and moved freely, video and audio alarms, safe area markers, analog and digital clocks and up and down timers. The multiviewers have static and dynamic UMD and 32 GPI/O for tally, counters and alarms. On-screen displays include borders, labels, text and logos. An optional redundant power supply is available. The Mi-16 is a 16×1 multiviewer with passive loop-outs and HDMI and SDI output.

The Mi-16+ single or dual output multiviewer (16×1 or 8+8) has passive loop-outs and dual outputs, and each independent output supports display of eight inputs. The Mi-16# is a dual output multiviewer, and each input can be resized and duplicated up to 16 times and can be assigned to both outputs. Each independent output can display up to 16 windows.