Appear TV

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Appear TV is introducing its Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Packager software. The addition of the ABR Packager software furthers Appear’s goal of providing its users an end-to-end solution for multiscreen/OTT support that rapidly adapts to new device profiles while providing the highest video quality possible.

For use with Appear TV’s modular XC 5000 Series Video Processing Platform, or within third-party vendor environments, the packager features efficient segmentation, encryption and origin server capabilities. The ABR Packager supports the latest standards and methodologies for OTT/multiscreen content delivery. MPEG-2 transport stream inputs supporting MPTS high-quality H.264. AVC multiresolution/bandwidth video services are converted in real time to HLS, MPEG DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats, as applicable, for the end viewing device.