Booth SU3116 Appear TV rolled out its portfolio of video streaming products, including its adaptive bitrate (ABR) system and a video on-demand (VOD) software suite, boosting Appear TV’s video delivery capabilities within the OTT domain, according to the company.

The ABR is an integrated software tool that combines a video segmentation engine, high-performance storage, just-in-time packager, DRM engine and origin server. The software supports different deployment architectures, file formats and internal and external storage options. It is also tightly integrated with Appear TV’s encoding and transcoding modules.

The company’s VOD suite is designed for high-quality transcoding of offline content into the multiscreen delivery chain. The system is capable of delivering H.264 and H.265 encoded outputs. It performs immediate conversion of multiple video files, creating on-demand assets and mezzanine deliverables to TV, PC and mobile devices. Scaling can be done via local hardware or virtual computers in the cloud.