Appear TV

Booth SU3602 The new X10 and X20 Ultra-High-Speed Video Networking hardware platforms assist broadcasters in the transition from SDI to IP-centric operation. Both platforms offer a programmable option with modules that alternate between SDI and IP in either the compressed or lightly-compressed domain, allowing users to adopt IP in their own timeframe.

With new features, including core IP security as a firewall, video monitoring, video routing and video remultiplexing, the X10 and X20 operate as the foundation of a flexible, low-delay, highly secured broadcast network.

In addition, Appear TV is showcasing its modular XC5000 chassis as well as its Adaptive Bit-rate (ABR) packager, an integrated software solution combining a video segmentation engine, high-performance storage DRM engine and origin server as a suite of complementary elements.