Arrakis Systems

Booth C3252

Arrakis Systems is debuting Digilink-HD, which saves the user time and money, whether connecting with multiple studios from a single computer, or throwing together a brilliant-sounding voice track. Prices start at $200 per month.

Also new is the MARC-15 console. This is an analog console that is for on-air radio, production and news applications. The modular design allows the console to be configured to the studio’s needs, with 15 channels and up to 30 source inputs.

ARC-8 with Bluetooth is also in the booth. Now with Bluetooth, the ARC-8 console is a solution for any Internet or broadcast radio station. The ARC-15 radio console is a general-purpose console that meets the needs for on-air radio & radio production studio applications.

Finally, Arrakis New~Wave automation software targets broadcast radio and especially Internet radio applications. It is designed for music programming and for creating live content to play over the air or Internet.