Booth SL4910 Aspera Files is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that allows any size organization to quickly establish a branded Web-based presence. It provides fast, easy and secure exchange and delivery of file-based media or data of any size, over any distance and between end users across separate organizations, combining cloud and on-premises storage platforms.

Aspera FASPStream is a new transport technology for live and near-live data streaming. It expands the capability of the patented FASP high-speed transfer technology to provide a reliable streaming protocol for in-order data delivery over Internet WANs with negligible start-up delay.

Aspera On Demand moves 4K media formats from a source directly to object storage, with native I/O for all major cloud storage platforms. Elastic automatic scaling of transfer capacity allows media customers to combine cloud storage and high-speed transport at unlimited scale.