Booth C10035 The Astrodesign DM-3814 is a 55-inch 8K LCD monitor with 7680 x 4320-pixel resolution. Its contrast ratio is 1200:1 or greater. Input is DVI 16-channel, and an optional interface converter, FC- 8213, receives 8K dual green by HD-SDI x 16 or 3G-SDI x 8.

Other new products on display include the HR-7518 8K SSD recorder that features frame rates up to 120 fps. The 1U half-rack size GP-4020-A 4K-to-HD extractor converts image data to HD and includes DVE functions. The WM-3206 4K waveform monitor supports both 4K and 4K-DCI. The unit’s customizable display can show picture, waveform, vector, histogram and audio phase.