Booth C6025

Autoscript, a Vitec Group brand, is showcasing its recently launched E.P.I.C. 19. The 19-inch Enhanced Prompting Information Centre (E.P.I.C.) offers large studios a light and efficient teleprompter systems for its size. It has been developed for use in large studios that need a smart system to display prompter text and transmit images to talent. It features dual SDI inputs as standard, one for the prompter monitor and the other for the talent monitor, and an integrated tally light. The 19-inch LED prompter monitor is backlit, while the thin on-air monitor delivers crisp and clear images to talent.

By combining both monitors in the same system, the E.P.I.C. 19 eliminates the need for additional components and a mounting assembly. In addition, due to the absence of a mounting bracket the full tilt range of the camera can be used.