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band pro

Booth C10408 — Band Pro is highlighting its new APO Macro Raptor FF lens family with IB/E optics. The professional lenses were designed for larger-format sensors, including RED Weapon 6K and 8K, Sony A7 and ARRI ALEXA 65 cam- eras. The lens family consists of three focal lengths: 100mm, 150mm and 180mm. The lenses feature full frame (24mm x 36mm) coverage, 1:1 magni- fication and consistent T-stop T2.9, as well as durable cine mechanics.

Band Pro’s Italian-made Cinetech dollies include the 185-pound Capinera with a combined skate/pneumatic wheel system, the Super Falcon II with crab, round and conventional steering modes and the Albatross with a responsive valve system and arm movement that reaches up to 46 inches.

The Super Hawk II dolly arm supports a 175-pound lifting capacity, and allows operators to work in very low positions with the 90-degree accessory plate.