Barnfind Technologies


Booth SU12008

Barnfind is highlighting a range of product introductions, such as the BTF1-09 ASI to IP conversion card and BTF1-10 Analog Audio router, both of which are new models in the company’s expanding flagship BarnOne product family. The company also is launching several solu- tions that expand the BarnMini product line, including the BTF-Mini-16 BarnMini housing, the BarnMini-03 HDMI to any SDI SFP, BarnMini-04 SDI SFP to output HDMI and the BarnMini-05. BarnMini-03 operates from HDMI to any SDI SFP. The BarnMini-04 operates the opposite way with input from any SDI SFP to output HDMI.

Barnfind also is presenting a breakthrough CAM<->CCU control system in conjunction with Ikegami. Using Ikegami’s cameras, the manu- facturer will demo advanced switching between cameras and CCUs in a way that it says is unique.