Booth N902 Barnfind’s new BTF1-10 is an eight-channel embedder and de-embedder for analog audio. The frame includes the standard main board with 16 SFP ports, eight BNC connectors and has a built-in SDI generator that can be used as the audio carrier and/or test picture.

The BarnMini-11 solution delivers point-to-point digital extension. It can handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G and provides reclocking. It is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini frame that can house any combination of 16 Barn- Mini modules with a common PSU.

By using half of the spacing in each wavelength, the Barnfind HiLo SFPs can double the capacity of the traditional CWDM bidirectional transmission. This enables a total of 18 bidirectional links, which results in 36 channels. The HiLo SFPs are designed to be used with a standard optical multiplexer.