Booth C10845 BB&S is featuring its new Pipeline 2-foot 2-Bank remote phosphor LED light, which provides high light output, low power draw and accurate color 98 TLCI accuracy. BB&S is offering the fixture in 3,200-degree K, 4,300-degree K and 5,600-degree K versions.

The 2-foot 2-Bank lights draw 40 W at the 100 percent end of its dimming range, outputting a maximum of 4,000 lumens. Up to a dozen 2-Banks can be plugged into the same 15 W wall outlet, or 14.4V camera battery packs can be used with an optional driver dimmer pack.

Part of the Pipeline Raw family, the fixture measures in at 24 x 4 x 1.5-inches and weighs 3 pounds. It is driver/dimmeragnostic and features a short cable with a three-pin XLR connector on the fixture for a single controller or BB&S’ 48V four-way controller with DMX to control up to four of the 2-Banks.