BBS Lighting

Booth C11146-BBS Lighting’s Pipeline remote phosphor lighting system is an array of modular, cylindrical fixtures, customizable to suit specific requirements. These new form-factor 1-inch diameter LED lights are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-foot lengths. Remote phosphor’s light quality and consistency provides brighter, higher fidelity light emission.

The new Area 48 Soft Studio soft light, is made for sound stages, television studios, concert halls, theaters and motion capture studios, where smooth dimming in the last 5 percent is needed. The system does not require forced cooling so operation is silent. Classic Area 48 accessories work with this 48-volt system.

BSS Lighting’s new Ledheimer LED PAR is available in daylight and tungsten balance and features a CRI in the high 90s. To facilitate various beam angles, three interchangeable reflectors offer narrow, medium and wide beams. Because the LED fixtures don’t generate heat, the reflectors can be changed without cool-down time.