Bexel at the 2017 NBA Allstar Game in New Orlean, LA on February 19, 2017. (Ben Solomon/BEXEL)

Booth C6025 A miniature, high frame rate point-of-view camera developed for live production, the Bexel Clarity 800 camera offers high frame rate in HD up to 8x (480 fps). At 4.7 inches high, 2.56 inches wide and 1 inch thick, the camera uses a 4K 7mp Micro 4/3-inch CMOS imager and 1080p HD signal processing.

Offering real-time processing via fiber optics and integration with video servers, the Bexel Clarity 800 ships with a camera remote control panel for paint control of the camera and a positive-lock lens mount with lens control of focus, iris and zoom motors.