Black Box’s Boxilla KVM and aV/IT system management platform manages KVM, KVM over IP, virtualized end- points and aV/IT devices on one centralized command center. It empowers KVM and aV/ IT deployments using a web-enabled and common user interface.

The VsN2000-eNc and VsN2000-Dec h.264 encoder and decoder can be integrated within pro-aV solutions to enable transmission of full hD video and audio over the internet or any IP network, as well as integrate with Black Box products such as the radian, iCompel and ControlBridge.

The company’s In-Session room scheduler allows users to manage room scheduling and other meeting elements via a touch-panel display.

The DKM FX matrix switch platform is an enterprise-level, modular matrix system for bidirectional signal distribution of high-definition video, audio and data over cat X, multimode and single-mode fiber. hD signals, including DVI, hDMI, DisplayPort, VGa, hD-sDI and 3G-sDI, are supported as well as analog and digital audio formats and UsB 2.0/3.0 data signals.