Bluebell Opticom

Booth N4422

Bluebell Opticom is demonstrating the ShaxX Broadcast Camera Interface, which has been
designed to provide power insertion to broadcast cameras fitted with standard SMPTE 304M
hybrid connectors, allowing them to be remotely powered over the hybrid cable. For easier
on-site deployment, complete camera chains can be multiplexed onto a single duplex
singlemode fiber and powered locally, permitting broadcasters to utilize the ordinary
singlemode optical fiber networks found within a stadium or available dark fibers.

Also on show is the BC364 Multiformat SFP Interface, a compact rack-based multiformat
converter for use with a wide range of broadcast video and audio signals. The BC364
provides a base unit that comprises input and output  cages. With different SFP converter
modules, users can adapt the functionality of the unit to suit different applications. Signal
input and output formats are defined by selecting appropriate standard SFPs that can
perform optical and/or electrical format conversions.