Boxx Technologies

Booth SL8230 The liquid-cooled APEXX 1 is the smallest workstation Boxx Technologies says it has built. This quiet and compact workstation features support for overclocked Intel Core i7 processors with up to eight cores and Intel Xeon processors with up to 18 cores. The APEXX 1 also supports NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

The APEXX 2 offers configurations for CAD design, 3D modeling and animation workflows. Also compact and quiet, it features support for optional overclocked processors and two full-length professional GPUs. It is available with optional eight-core processors for increased rendering power and multi-tasking.

The GoBOXX 15 SLM ultrathin workstation is available with a Core i7 6700HQ 2.6/3.5GHz turbo boost CPU or a high-performance Core i7 6920HQ 2.9/3.8GHz turbo boost CPU. Both systems feature NVIDIA Quadro M2000M graphics. The unit weighs 4.36 pounds, is 0.78 inches thick and is available with a Full HD or an UltraHD screen.