Bridge Technologies

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In the latest release of the system software for its digital media monitoring products, Bridge
Technologies has introduced a new way of calibrating the system and automating detailed
fault-tracking. Called GoldTS Reference, this new test model simplifies the complexities of
ETR290 set-up and accelerates the diagnosis of changes from the reference standard.

By allowing users to take a “snapshot” of a correctly functioning stream, GoldTS Reference
creates a reference against which the stream is subsequently compared. Any deviation from
the values in the reference is automatically detected and presented in an understandable
color-coded display. This means that operator attention is instantly drawn to deviations
including those which may otherwise be “legal.”

Bridge also recently produced two versions of its VB220 digital media monitoring probe in
form factors to fit the AppearTV chassis. These maintain feature parity with the standard
VB220, and will integrate into any AppearTV-based infrastructure.