Broadcast Electronics

Booth C150

The STX10 10kW FM transmitter from Broadcast Electronics has been designed to offer the
perfect combination of audio quality, reliability, redundancy, serviceability and efficiency in
a compact design.

Also new is AudioVAULT 10.40, which includes a completely re-imagined satellite solution
that makes it easy to implement and manage satellite programming. Also included is direct
integration with Music-Master’s Nexus system. This means a user can receive MusicMaster
song recommendations directly in AudioVAULT; AudioVAULT can auto-fill with
MusicMaster approved songs and more.

Broadcast Electronics also is showing Commotion Beacons. These can be utilized by radio
stations and their advertisers to send information to listeners’ mobile phones as they walk
into range of a mobile beacon. Beacons can provide coupons, contest or product information
as well as send statistical information back to the business and radio station.