BroadStream Solutions

Booth N3118

BroadStream Solutions is introducing its Harbor video server. Harbor is a true drop-in replacement
for broadcasters who need to update an aging server. It includes industry-standard control and
management interfaces, enabling broadcasters to continue using their existing automation software,
or they can use the recently upgraded Harbor Master Control software.

This new hardware makes the migration to channel-in-a box easy and cost-effective with
BroadStream’s Oasys integrated playout solution. Stations can now plan this important transition to
gain the features, flexibility and enhanced capability of Oasys without upgrading their hardware.

Also new is the Radar media asset management solution. Radar makes it easy to track all media and
related files in a broadcast workflow. Regardless of format, files can be collected, organized,
re-versioned, archived and moved to external platforms as a shared pool resource. Radar is
cloud-enabled for any broadcast environment, is HTML5-compliant and includes important
third-party APIs.