BroadStream Solutions

Booth N5619 BroadStream Solutions is demonstrating OASYS, a multipurpose, unified software platform that enables broadcasters and playout centers to deliver high-quality content with the flexibility, scalability and agility to adapt as customers’ broadcast needs change.

OASYS streamlines the workflow and allows content producers to improve their on-air presentations by integrating playout, scheduling and graphics in one software architecture. BroadStream’s modular system architecture enables broadcasters to customize the specific functionality needed for each channel.

On display are four specific demonstration areas showing 4K playout, virtualized machine capabilities, multichannel HD/SD/IP hybrid functionality and graphics and playout management functionality with time delay. The time-delay feature lets users configure OASYS to delay playback of the live output anywhere from one minute to 100 hours, with multiple options to time shift or delay live feeds automatically.

These modular applications for redundancy, multichannel client and graphics options are designed to run both independently and as part of a larger networked system.