Burk Technology

Booth N7430 Burk Technology is showing the new Captures feature for ARC Plus Touch and SL remote control systems, as well as its BTU- 4D Digital Temperature Unit.

The Captures feature enables engineers to track changes over time and can be tailored to meet particular challenges. Captures also can be triggered by events, creating a record of site conditions. Captured values are stored on the ARC Plus and can be downloaded onto a PC running AutoPilot software. The feature is available for v.5 ARC Plus Touch and SL in the field.

The BTU-4D connects up to four digital temperature sensors to the ARC Plus or ARC Solo. Sensor cables up to 1,000 feet long are supported, and line voltage telemetry is built in. Four types of digital temperature sensors are available and also can be used with Plus-X EM and Climate Guard Environmental Monitors.

Additionally, Burk is showcasing SNMP Plus and AutoPilot with Warp Engine.