BW Broadcast

Booth N2838 BW Broadcast is demonstrating its Encore range of products for radio stations. The RBRX Encore FM re-broadcast receiver can pull in weak signals and rebroadcast with clarity, even at difficult sites with challenging conditions. It comes with two tuner cards and includes dual-tuner diversity blending using advanced polarization multipath cancelling techniques.

Other Encore products include the DSPXtra and DSPXmini Encore FM / AM / HD audio processors, Plan B Encore silence monitor and backup audio player, RDS Encore RDS encoder, ModMon Encore modulation monitor and Ariane Encore audio leveler.

The TR300 V2 single-box FM translator offers quickchange parts to simplify maintenance. It has built-in audio processing and a remote control app. The receiver can handle strong signals at transmitter sites, while transparently picking up distant broadcast signals. Plan-B silence-detection technology automatically switches to either of the MPX, analog or AES/EBU inputs to keep broadcasting in the event of reception loss.