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Canon is introducing the Canon HDTV Zoom Lens HJ24ex7.5B, an affordable, high-quality portable
telephoto HD lens for high-end ENG applications. As the successor to the Canon HJ22ex, the new
HJ24ex7.5B lens boasts a 24x zoom ratio. Improving overall lens mobility and operator comfort, the
new lens design decreases both size and weight from its predecessor, and has the balance point closer
to the camera body, allowing for easier handling and less operator strain in the field.

The Canon HJ24ex7.5B lens user will feel a difference in the center-of-gravity balance compared to
the previous model. With the redesigned layout of optical parts and body structure, combined with
a decrease in lens weight — less than four pounds — the balance point of the lens is now closer to the
camera body, resulting in improved side-to-side on-shoulder shooting, ideal for cameramen in the