ChyronHego Evolving to Tell Smarter, More Compelling Stories

The Unreal Engine Integration tool was created in partnership with Epic Games.

ChyronHego comes to the 2018 NAB Show with a clear goal, to tell better stories to audiences, said company CEO Marco Lopez.

To do that, ChyronHego is setting up a completely software-based production studio as a cornerstone of its booth to show the company’s range of live production software products. Alongside this real-world working production, the company will demonstrate the newest versions of the Prime Graphics Platform and Click Effects Prime system.

ChyronHego also announced two new partnerships, including a new collaboration with Nikon by which ChyronHego will take real-time data from Nikon’s Polycam System and use that data with ChyronHego’s optical sports tracking system TRACAB to automate camera robotics for live sports production. The resulting solution will allow fans to select individual cameras and track, for example, a particular soccer player during action on the field.

The company also is jumping into the gaming arena with a partnership with Epic Games to integrate the Unreal Engine integration tool with ChyronHego’s suite of augmented reality graphics and virtual set solutions. As part of the integration news broadcasters can apply rendering and effects capabilities within Unreal to create hyper-realistic elements to an on-air virtual set. The company also is showcasing the latest updates to Paint, its real-time data visualization system.