ChyronHego Introduces New Virtual Set Technology

Jesper GawellJesper Gawell

Building on its long history in broadcast graphics technology, ChyronHego continues to add new products and enhance existing ones. Marco Lopez, the company’s chief operating officer, described some of these at a Sunday morning press event.

Lopez first introduced Fresh, an all-new graphics rendering system integrating ChyronHego AR and virtual set software with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 to improve realism in television virtual studio applications. Lopez believes Fresh is well positioned to increase their adoption in the broadcast industry.

“In the last six to 12 months, there have been some huge improvements in real-time rendering engines coming from the gaming market that have created the photorealism broadcasters have been looking for,” he said, noting that this technology has been incorporated into Fresh to achieve a type of realism not previously possible.

Lopez also highlighted the potential for ChyronHego’s live data technology in the emerging area of televised sports event betting and described a new release (v3.5) of the company’s Prime graphics platform that adds HDR capability, multiple screen synchronization, expanded I/O and more.

Jesper Gawell, the company’s chief marketing officer, then described another new offering, Vidigo, which he said greatly facilitates OTT live news streaming.