ChyronHego Shifts To Software-Driven Ops

Johan Apel and Jesper Gawell

Speaking at a Sunday morning press conference, ChyronHego CEO Johan Apel and CMO Jesper Gawell announced several additions to the company’s line of products, reflecting the industry’s shift away from conventional hardware architecture to all-software solutions.

“We believe that a major technology transition is happening,” said Gawell. “We strongly believe that it’s going to be content creators rather than the technology specialists who’ll manage these workflows. … It’s going to be end-to-end workflows for live broadcast production to allow our customers to focus on content creation rather than technology.”

In line with this shift, Chryon Hego is expanding its Camio Universe with several new products. One of these is a template- based approach for creating weather graphics.

“Anyone inside the newsroom environment can access those templates, update them with new weather data, put them into their playlist,” said Gawell.

Other Camio additions include virtual and augmented graphic generation, a compositor system and a playout automation system. He noted that new tools will enable a complete “end-to-end solution” for newsroom operations.

Other product announcements include LyricX, a next-generation graphics creation/ playout product designed to speed operations, support UHD and provide an enhanced user interface.

Apel also discussed ChyronHego’s new sports tracking technology.