Booth SL11116

Cinegy is showing its new Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10, its latest network appliance software for
real-time ingest. Cinegy Capture PRO unifies the task of ingesting material and generating edit or
Web proxies through Cinegy’s centralized capture control services so that anyone in a workgroup can
control the ingest process. Version 10 features multicam ingest, flexible recording, support for UHD
formats and live previews with PPM and VANC indicators.

A group-recording control panel in Cinegy Capture PRO enables it to be used as a multicam ingest
tool for synchronous multichannel recording studios, OB vans and live events. Live cameras, VTR or
IP streams can be combined in a single application. Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 also makes ingest
a resource that can be shared with anyone requiring access. With video format support and
simultaneous ability to create multiple formats and proxy copies, Capture PRO replaces separate
ingest and transcode machines.