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Clear-Com is demonstrating its latest in digital intercoms and new IP-based intercom connectivity solutions, including the LQ Series for linking intercom and audio systems over IP networks; the FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom system; and new features to all V-Series control panels available through the Eclipse HX v8.0 software upgrade.

The LQ Series is the company’s newest line of Internet Connectivity (ICON) solutions for linking or extending intercom and audio systems over IP networks across long distances. With either the two-wire (LQ-2W2) or four-wire (LQ-4W2) option, the LQ devices are ideal for intercom users who need to cost-effectively extend their existing intercom systems to remote locations within their facilities without running lengthy cables. LQ can also interface with and connect any combination of two or more intercoms with call signaling or audio over LAN, WAN or Internet IP infrastructures:
two-wire partyline with other partyline systems, two-wire with four-wire devices, and four-wire with four-wire systems.