Coaxial Dynamics

Booth N7229

The Coaxial Dynamics Digital Wattchman rack-mounted station monitor/alarm is similar in function and appearance to Coaxial Dynamics’ 81090 Series except it is designed for the accurate measurement of complex RF waveforms such as CDMA, DAB, DTV and HDTV, as well as CW, AM and FM. A digital station monitor/alarm system installation consists of a Digital Wattchman, a dual-socket line section and two digital plug-in elements for monitoring both forward and reflected power. The Digital Wattchman includes four 25-foot cable assemblies for connection to the line section and elements, and a 6-foot AC power cord.

The Model 7601 relative field strength meter is used for measuring the relative strengths of radiating fields of patterns from a transmitting antenna system, making relative RF power measurements, or peaking and adjusting fixed or portable transceivers and antennas. The meter is usable over a frequency range of 1 to 3000 MHz and has a large easy-to-read meter.