Booth SU11416 Comcast Wholesale’s Live Linear Streaming service allows traditional and online video providers to stream content online easily via a live feed or on-demand. The service combines Comcast Wholesale’s linear infrastructure, thePlatform’s online video publishing and content management capabilities, and the Comcast network and CDN in an end-to-end service.

Comcast’s platforms are redundant and continuously monitored for signal degradation or potential problems. The company has hundreds of uncompressed, mezzanine-level feeds that can be converted for streaming online.

Live Linear Streaming can be used as a full-service solution for streaming online, or it can also be used in a modular fashion. It can support everything from a single over-the-top simulcast to a complete TV Everywhere experience. Through thePlatform’s mpx video management and publishing system, the solution also enables live-to-VOD and replay TV capabilities.