Booth C1633-The new Comrex VH2 provides the capabilities of a two-line digital hybrid and the benefits of VoIP. The unit has front-panel controls and connects directly to several VoIP PBXs.

ACCESS firmware 4.0 includes forward error correction and CrossLock, a new feature that provides an added capability for bonding to enable multiple networks to be used at once. Users also can configure multiple networks for redundancy mode, which provides reliability on higher bandwidth links. With ACCESS’s portable user interface and variety of encoders, ACCESS 4.0 enables higher quality, lower latency and improved stability from even more locations.

With the introduction of LiveShot firmware 1.4, LiveShots can now interact using a peer-to-peer model, making it easier and more efficient to configure LiveShot connections. Live- Shot delivers high-quality, low-latency video and audio over a range of IP networks. Capable of providing twoway media simultaneously, it provides return video, two IFB returns and director/camera PL.