Concurrent Looks to Reduce Bandwidth Bite for OTT Providers

Concurrent’s Paul Martin introduces Laguna Cache

It’s a paradox of sorts for OTT service providers: The more successful they are at building an audience, the less successful they are from a budget perspective on bandwidth.

At an NAB Show press conference Monday, Concurrent introduced Laguna Cache, its answer for OTT operators looking to deliver content to an increasing universe of customers without drowning in bandwidth charges.

“As you get to scale with OTT services and you begin thinking about how to manage CDN traffic, deployment of edge cache solutions is the thing that can dramatically reduce the cost of distribution,” said Paul Martin, vice president of engagement at Concurrent.

Caching content at the edge reduces the load on networks, and therefore shrinks bandwidth charges.

Concurrent also highlighted the profile groups feature of its Zephyr Origin, which helps OTT service providers manage traffic as they distribute content via CDNs to minimize bandwidth usage and costs.

The company’s new pay-per-use option for transcoding in the cloud addresses the single biggest area in which Concurrent customers are seeking a flexible solution, said Martin. “It’s the one area where we see cloud services being used heavily because of the obvious flexibility.”

The company also introduced new predictive capacity planning tools to keep live operations and storage environments under control as users scale out storage, he added.