Contemporary Research

BOOTH SU9221 Consumer Research is at the show with its dual-channel HDTV modulators, the QMOD-SDI 2 HDTV Modulator IPTV Encoder and the QMOD-SDI HDMI HDTV Modulator IPTV Encoder. These modulators offer the ability to see live feed throughout a facility and in the same HD quality as viewers. Users have the option of using one HD-SDI feed for the RF system or integrating HD video from channels to multiple studios or green rooms.

A set of HDTV demodulators are also on the floor, Contemporary Research’s 232-ATSC 4 and ATSC+SDI 4. The ATSC+SDI 4 features a native HD-SDI output that supports embedded captioning and audio. Both demodulators feature an IP web page to support remote control and status.