Dan Dugan Sound Design

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Dan Dugan Sound Design Inc. is introducing three new products for management of live microphones
in unscripted talking situations — the Dugan Model M, Dugan Model N and Dugan Model K.

The new Dugan Models M and N differ only in their I/O connections. The Dugan Model M has MADI
I/O, both optical and copper, and the Model N has Dante I/O, primary and secondary. Both models
provide 32 channels of Dugan auto-mixing at 96K or 64 channels at 48K. The M and N include a new
scene memory that can record and recall all operating settings.

Models M and N can be controlled from their front panels, the Dugan Control Panel for Java (supplied
free), the updated Dugan Control Panel for iPad (coming soon) and/or the Dugan Model K Tactile
Control Panel. The Dugan Model K is a physical interface for all networkable Dugan products.