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New from DAWNco are best grade C and Ku band LNBs. The newest DAWNco LNBs improve reception when using “finicky” satellite receivers, says the company. The new LNBs have improved specs for stability and for 1 dB gain compression. They can actually boost EbNo readings on new DVB-S2 and MPEG-4 satellite receivers.

Also new is a high-gain 5.0-meter satellite antenna. This big dish produces impressive C/N performance and features a massive 16-inch diameter kingpost that helps maintain proper reception in windy weather. The reflector is delivered to the customer site in its original factory-perfect one-piece configuration.

Super low-loss DAWNflex satellite signal cable is also being shown. Designed for runs that are more than 300 feet long, they improve signal quality on satellite downlinks by reducing loss on the cable run from dish to building. Flexible coax passes signals to 3 GHz including satellite L band.