Booth N3426-DaySequerra’s new M4 TimeLock Series 2 and M4 TimeLock DDC Series 2 offer versatility in identifying and synchronizing diversity delay in HD Radio broadcasts. The new TimeLock algorithm measures the time alignment of the main program service and HD-1 streams with accuracy to one audio sample and can work under adverse conditions, including situations where an FM station is operating in mono on the legacy analog side and in stereo on the HD Radio side. Delay capability in the TimeLock M4 DDC Series 2 is doubled to + 7 seconds.

SNMP support on both products allows broadcasters to create their own monitoring software, or integrate other monitoring systems with the new TimeLock series. The M4 TimeLock is compatible with multiple Orban, Omnia and Wheatstone processors as well as GatesAir HDE200 exporter and the Nautel Exporter Plus.