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DaySequerra is introducing its M4DDC TimeLock. The M4DDC Diversity Delay Control is a purpose-built, 1RU, standalone AM or FM solution and runs DaySequerra’s new proprietary TimeLock algorithm to maintain perfect time and audio-level alignment of the HD Radio analog and digital audio streams.

Also new is the Neustar2 Digital Radio Processor, a two-stream AES stereo audio processor designed to improve the audio performance of low bit-rate HD Radio multicasts, DAB and DRM broadcasts. This product features loudness measurement and look-ahead gain correction to make audio-level adjustments transparent to the audience.

Finally, DaySequerra’s new M2HDSP upgrade path allows HD Radio stations to keep their older M2.0X and M2.2R units up-to-date with new DSP-based hardware and the most recent iBiquity firmware. DaySequerra will upgrade existing units and ship them back to customers with a full three-year warranty.