Decimator Design

Booth SU7910 Extending its converter and multiviewer ranges, Decimator Design is introducing the MD-LX, a “lite” version of the MD-HX bidirectional HDMI/SDI converter and scaler, as well as the DMONQUAD, a low-cost one- to four-channel SDI multiviewer/quad-split with SDI and HDMI outputs for 3G-A/3G-B/HD/SD. Pocket-sized, (2.4X2.9X0.9 inches), the MD-LX offers low-power consumption, allowing operation from the USB, and supports both 3G Level A and B on the inputs and outputs, allowing conversion between the two.

With low-latency buffering, the DMONQUAD allows nonsynchronous inputs, with each independent window capable of displaying any 3G/HD/SD format of any frame rate simultaneously. Multiview layouts on the DMON-QUAD are fully customizable, with various standard layouts also available for selection.