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This year, DELTACAST confirms its strong involvement in 4K at the NAB Show. The
DELTA-3G-elp-d 4c is a four-channel card that can be configured by software as a four-input
capture device, a four-output playout card, or even as a two-input and two-output 3G-SDI
interface. It supports 4K reception or transmission in all formats and standards, including
SMPTE 425-5.

A new 4K hardware keyer allows a user to overlay 4K graphics over a live feed. It can also be
used as four independent 1080p hardware keyers. Finally, one year ago DELTACAST started to
handle 4K transmission and reception over four 3G-SDI links, or over two 6G-SDI links. The
ultimate way of carrying on 4K streams is on a single 12G-SDI cable, says Deltacast, and while
SMPTE committees are drafting new standards for 12G-SDI interfaces, Deltacast is working on
preliminary support for the technology.