Deltacast Developer Solutions

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DELTACAST Developer Solutions is launching its first two IP products, the DELTA-ip-ST2022-6 10 and the DELTA-ip-ST2022-6 01. Using the SMPTE 2022-6 standard, the two cards support Tx and Rx of 3G-SDI video over a 10 Gb Ethernet network. The company’s 4K hardware keyer cards let users lay 4K graphics over a live feed, or they can be used as four independent, 1080p hardware keyers. They have 3G SDI inputs and outputs, genlock and configurable outputs to handle downstream keying.

The dual-channel DELTA-3G-elp-d 8c is an eight-channel I/O card with PCI-e Gen2 x8 and 3G-SDI. New features include color space converters, planar YUV formats support, 4K SMPTE ST425-3/5 support, video lines CRC check and lower latency for PCIe transfers. It also can be configured to run eight independent SD, HD (1080i) or 3G (1080p) inputs or outputs. This card is supported by VideoMaster SDK.